Tessera Music Festival "atarashii-mimi"




夜 5月15日(金・19:00開演)

    梯 剛之 ピアノ・ソロ 〜ゴルトベルク変奏曲〜


J.S.バッハ:ゴルトベルク変奏曲 / 武満徹 ピアノ作品

夜 5月16日 (土・16:00開演)

    工藤あかね×廻 由美子 〜月に憑かれたピエロ〜





夜 5月17日 (日・16:00開演)

    寺嶋陸也の耳 vol.6〜ピアノ・ソロ〜




ベートーヴェン ピアノソナタ第13番変ホ長調Op.27-1「幻想風ソナタ」
L.v.Beethoven  Klaviersonate Nr.13 Es-Dur Op.27-1‘Sonata quasi una fantasia’

シューマン   幻想曲ハ長調Op.17
R.Schumann     Fantasie C-dur Op.17

ショスタコーヴィチ 3つの幻想的舞曲Op.5
D.Shostakovich    3 Fantastic Dances Op.5

八村義夫    Intimate Pieces 
Yoshio Hachimura  Intimate Pieces

シューベルト  幻想曲ハ長調Op.15 D760「さすらい人幻想曲」
F.Schubert      Fantasie C-dur Op.15 D760'Wandererfantasie'



5月15、16 、17日開催!




December 04, 2019




October 04, 2019



September 24, 2019



September 24, 2019




May 29, 2019




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Music Festival “Atarashii mimi” Tessera


Since 2007, a very unique music festival ”Atarashii mim” is held twice every year in Tokyo.

This music festival is directed and oriented by Japanese pianist Yumiko Meguri.


The literal translation of “Atarashii mimi” (Japanese) into English is ”New Ears”.

Meguri intended for both the musicians and audiences to explore and challenge their ears into the world of new music through open ears, mind, and heart. Thus, the naming of the festival as "Atrashii mimi".


One of the aims of the music festival is to have a platform for musicians from different genres of music to come together. Up to now, musicians from various backgrounds, such as classical, contemporary, jazz, and pop have shared their arts with audiences on the stage of the festival. Sometimes, musicians from different backgrounds also join forces to create something new and exciting together. Furthermore, there is also

classical musician who gets to play jazz with professional jazz musician, as well as jazz musician challenging themselves with classical or contemporary music. The possibility of this festival is infinite.


Another aim of this festival is to work with composers. Many composers have since premiered (World premiere and/or Japan premiere) their new works through this festival. These include the works of Yuji Takahashi, Keiko Harada, Atsuhiko Gondai, Gyula Csapo, Osamu Kawakami, and more.


Recently, internationally acclaimed musicians from abroad are also invited to share their arts and love for music in this festival. For examples, Stefan Hussong (acc) and Thomas Hell (pf). The festival intend to expand their activities internationally to create a platform that has truly no boundaries from genres.

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